We are a not-for-profit social enterprise that diverts reusable construction 'waste' from the landfill and provides community members with good quality, affordable building supplies. We help you save money and the environment! So join us in the important role of encouraging alternatives to the landfill and changing the way our community deals with construction ‘waste’.

When you support Squamish ReBuild by donating, shopping, volunteering and spreading the word, you help build a stronger community! Want to learn more? Check out the video below or read about our vision and mission statement here.


We've got an oh-so-fabulous 'DISCOUNT DOTS' system that allows you to save even more money every single day! 

Look for the coloured dots on our price tags and get further discounts on those products as per the legend below!

As of September 1st:

   - ORANGE DOTS = 10% off

   - PINK DOTS = 20% off

   - BROWN DOTS = 30% off

   - PURPLE DOTS = 40% off

   - BLUE DOTS = 50% off

   - GREEN DOTS = By Donation

 Building a stronger community. Together!

What's New?

Yep, we're turning FIVE!!
  And you're invited to come help us celebrate on Saturday, Oct 1st, from 12-4pm. We'll have cake, coffee, free giveaways and a chance to win a $50 store credit. And of course, 50% off our entire stock ALL WEEKEND LONG!

This is Brittany. She's the newest addition to the ReBuild family and we just love her! And you will too...come on by and say hi!

Check out these fabulous upcycled garden boxes built by staff using donated cedar tongue & groove!

If you haven't already, meet Doug. He's just about as great as a guy can be and we're thrilled to have him on board the ReBuild team. Make sure to say hello next time you pop in!

Zero Waste Tip: Did you know?
To-go coffee cups (including lids, straws & the 'frappuccino-style' clear plastic cups) can now all go in your residential BLUE bin!